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Simola’s Spa offers a wide choice of face and body treatments, expertly and sensitively administered by trained therapists in one of four private treatment rooms.

Simola offers a luxurious and exotic ritual in the Rasoul Room as one of our Signature Treatments for couples, or, if you wish, you can experience it on your own. The benefits of the 45 minute treatment are profound and long lasting.

Manicures and pedicures are also available.
CSpa is a new generation of aromatherapy based wellness products which use lipo-soluble essential oils. These are quickly and deeply absorbed by the skin for profound results. Proudly South African and free of parabens and malevolent minerals, the CSpa range includes home care products for all skin types and body wellness requirements, supported by professional spa and salon treatments. The CSpa Aroma Wellness range fuses ancient aromatherapy philosophies with modern applications, and comprises a range for face care and body care, as well as a selection of infusion teas which will immerse you in an olfactory world of wellbeing

Whether you consider spa treatments to be an essential part of your beauty regime or a once-in-a-blue-moon indulgence, the Simola Spa & Gym makes you feel welcome and special. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Our service is highly professional.

Your experience is always uplifting...

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