Golf At Simola

Simola’s Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course is living proof of just how great ‘Golf’s Greatest Champion’ really is when it comes to designing with nature.


Set in probably the most scenic town in Africa, situated lower than the ridges that surround it - and therefore untroubled by the wind that plagues so may coastal courses - and boasting an unusual configuration of five par-5s and five par-3s, Simola offers challenging and rewarding golf for pros and high-handicap players alike.



 For our latest rates and to book a round, please contact the Simola Pro Shop:

+27 (0)44 302 9677



Rates for 18 holes include green fees, golf cart hire and halfway-house; rates for 9 holes include green fees only. 

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Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course

The magnificence of the site inspired golfing legend Jack Nicklaus to design a masterpiece amidst the rolling hills of the Simola Estate. Lauded as the greatest golfer in the history of the game, the Golden Bear is also acknowledged as one of the world's leading golf course designers with more than 200 courses around the globe bearing his famous signature. Now, the Simola Golf Club proudly joins the ranks of this elite group of internationally recognised courses.

What Nicklaus Had To Say

What the Golden Bear had to say...

"When I first started, I only knew how to do one thing, and that was to put a golf course on a piece of ground that only a good player could play..."

Easy courses are fun occasionally, but I don't think they stand the 'test of time' to be considered great courses…"

"..when I start to design a golf course, I don't intentionally try to make it as tough as I can. I simply aim to create a golf course that will be a demanding test of skill for the accomplished golfer playing from the back tees. But, at the same time, I want to offer a challenging, yet enjoyable experience for the average or beginner player who plays from the appropriate tees and thinks his or her way around the golf course..."

"As I walk the site, my top priority is finding features such as native trees, grade variations or natural wetlands that can enhance shot values or scenically frame holes. I let the environmental surroundings shape the holes, so they fit the terrain. I never try to force an idea onto a piece of land."

- Jack Nicklaus