Golf Membership

Membership at Simola Golf Club is an investment in one of South Africa’s finest, most scenic golfing destinations. Members have access to all amenities and facilities at Simola Golf Clubhouse and at the Simola Hotel, Country Club & Spa.
Membership is fully tradable and transferable - making it an excellent investment for your portfolio, too.
Members receive one share in Simola Golf Club.


Members have booking privileges, but are requested to reserve tee-off times well in advance.


The highest level of golf membership at Simola

Playing rights: one fourball at a time

The spouses or children of founder members may host one fourball at a time in the principle member’s absence

Founder members pay no green fees or annual subscriptions

Founder members receive free use of golf carts for 10 years

One playing right at Simola, registered in the member’s name

Guests playing with individual members pay ruling rates for members’ guests

Green fees are included in annual subscriptions

Eligible to play in all Simola Golf Club Days

Family membership is registered in the principal’s name

The principal’s spouse and a maximum of two of the principal’s children are entitled to host a fourball

Dependents’ rights expire on their 23rd birthdays

The principal may nominate one dependent in the place of his or her spouse

Guests playing with family members pay ruling rates for members’ guests

Annual subscriptions are calculated at one-and-a-half times the rate for Individual Members

 One designated person from the member company assumes Individual Member rights

Green fees are included in annual subscriptions

Guests may play at the rate for members’ guests without the presence of the individual member (limited to a maximum of 40 players per month)